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The only way to stay on top of my cupcake, baseball, fitness, blogging, travel and life adventures is to be super organized!  Some might in fact call me OCD and I’m okay with that, because all of the systems in my life get the job done!  Today I wanted to share with you a few of the organizational resources that I have found to be particularly helpful, and I hope they help you too.

Organization Resources | Girl on the Move Blog

#1 – Cleaning Checklist – I would love to think I know every nuance of keeping the house clean but the truth is that every time I set out to clean, I forget something (like cleaning the ceiling fan blades) so I am all about having a list to stay on task.

#2 – Weekly Outfit Planning – I don’t use the same container as this post recommends using with kids, but I have implemented the idea behind the system.  If I spend 15 minutes on Sunday night planning out my outfits for the week then I never have to rush around in the morning trying to pick out something to wear or panic because I realize I forget to wash the sweater I needed.  Instead it’s all ready to go at the beginning of the week!

#3 – Desktop Organization – This one might not sound very important, but I have found that when my computer desktop is organized it makes it a lot easier to find documents and information.  And when it’s easier to find those things, I am more efficient!

#4 – Organizing Your Spices – This just might be the best change I’ve made to my kitchen!

#5  – Meal Planning – I am all about meal planning each week so that you know what’s for dinner every night and you can head home from work confident that all of the ingredients are already at home and you just need to whip up dinner!

What is one area of your life that you wish was more organized?!?


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