Cupcake Adventures: Sug♥ar From the Heart Bakeshop

Oh. My. Goodness.  If you’re not yet convinced about the yummy goodness of cupcakes stop by Sug♥ar From the Heart Bakeshop in Lakewood, CA and your mind will be changed.  Guaranteed.  It is incredibly difficult to rank all of the cupcakes I’ve had but I can say for sure that this is one of my top three!

I enjoyed a banana cupcake with a brown sugar frosting that was out of this world!

My dad enjoyed peach pie in a mason jar…he’s not really a big cupcake fan (I know, I know, it’s crazy!)

I think that one of the things I loved most about our trip was the ambience.  We were able to enjoy our cupcakes at an outside table where they waited on us…I thought the cold water and flowers were a great touch and if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I believe that a successful business is all in the little details!


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