Summer 2014 Bucket List Recap

I simply can not believe that summer is almost over!  Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd, but since Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at my Summer Bucket List and see how I did! Summer 2014 Bucket List | Girl on the Move Blog

Watch fireworks – Y’all I saw some amazing fireworks this summer!  We were in Denver for the 4th of July and from our balcony we could see more than 20 different fireworks displays!  We saw the displays at Coors Field, Sports Authority Field at Mile High and fireworks from lots of communities surrounding Denver!

Bonfire at the beach – Not yet, but it’s happening next week!

Host a giant slumber party – I got to do this not once, but twice!  First I went to summer camp with middle schoolers so I was lucky enough to share a cabin with 15 middle school girls…don’t be jealous!  Then in Denver I hosted a total of about 25 people over the 12 days I was there…so much fun!

Stand up paddleboarding – I tried SUP and I only fell in the water twice…so that’s not too bad for a first try! Stand Up Paddle Boarding | Girl on the Move Blog

Roast marshmallows – Does it count if we ended up having to roast the marshmallows in the microwave?!?

Leap out of my comfort zone – This happened.  I promise.  And next Friday I will be sharing a post with all of the details so come back next Friday to hear all about it!

Vacation in Denver – I spent twelve days in Denver and loved every minute of it!  I had quite a few yummy breakfasts and adventures in Denver!

Visit a few new cupcake shops – Definitely checked this off the list!  I couldn’t even begin to list my favorites but here are a few of the ones I went to this summer…Mountain Cupcakes, Church of Cupcakes, and Pinky’s!

Try 3 new classes at the gym – Well, at least I can say I tried three new classes, although I wouldn’t say I was very good at some of these classes!

What adventures did you have this summer?



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