Summer Bucket List 2014

My favorite time of year is a toss up between Christmas and summer…in my opinion both are pretty magical!  And even though I am no longer a teacher I still treat summer as one long twelve-week vacation just waiting to be filled with adventures.  My Summer Bucket List includes traveling, fitness, cupcakes, DIY projects, and more…all the things I love!  I probably won’t post about all of them on the blog as I check them off the list, but if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you can keep up with my summer on the move!

Summer 2014 Bucket List | Girl on the Move Blog

Summer Bucket List 2014

In no particular order!

Spend a week at WyldLife camp

Family vacation in Denver

Go to the Orange County Fair…and eat something fried!

Visit a few new cupcake shops

Complete a 30-day plank challenge

Redo my kitchen stools

Go stand-up paddle boarding

Read at least five books on my “Books to Read” list

See a Phillies game

Try 3 new classes at the gym

Get new living room curtains

Host a slumber party with at least ten people

Create a photo wall in my dining room

Complete five Pinterest craft projects

Roast marshmallows

Do something really far outside of my comfort zone

Clean out and organize my closet

Bonfire at the beach

Watch fireworks


What is one thing on your summer bucket list?



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