Cupcake Adventures: SusieCakes

My sister recently asked me, “Do you ever get tired of cupcakes?”  And the truth is, I don’t!  I love the adventure of finding a new cupcake shop, trying a new flavor, or hearing about why bakers love making cupcakes!  And so the cupcake adventures continue…

My latest adventure took me to SusieCakes in Newport Beach, CA and I thoroughly enjoyed my cupcake!  In an effort to try and keep my cupcake adventures organized, I’ve decided that instead of just writing randomly about the cupcake shops that I visit, I’m going to begin sharing the top 5 things I liked about each shop.

So in no particular order, here are five things I loved about SusieCakes…

#1 – There were free samples when we walked in the door!  And they weren’t just free samples, they were AMAZING free samples!  I walked in knowing that I was going to walk out the door with a cupcake, but if I wasn’t sure, the free sample convinced me!

#2 – We ordered our cupcakes to go and I loved that they included a, “Susie’s storage & serving tips,” post-it note on our box.  I’ve ordered quite a few cupcakes to go and I’m never sure if they should be refrigerated, left on the counter, wrapped a special way…and now I know!  So thank you Susie!

Susie Cakes 2 | Girl on the Move Blog

#3 – Their signature cupcakes?  They are filled with frosting.  I don’t think I even need to explain this one but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyways.  I always think it’s unfortunate when the cake to frosting ratio isn’t right and you are stuck eating just cake or just frosting on it’s own.  Enter the cupcake filled with frosting!  Means every single bite has the perfect cake to frosting ratio!

#4 – They don’t just serve cupcakes!  They also serve cake and cookies that both looked amazing…I just can’t resist a cupcake!

#5 – This might seem a little bit silly, but I absolutely love Susie’s colors!  Tiffany blue is my favorite color so I am always drawn to stores that use shades of that color!

Susie Cakes | Girl on the Move Blog

Hopefully those five reasons convinced you that you need to try SusieCakes next time you’re in California!  And since I’m always looking for new cupcake shops to add to the list, do you have any suggestions of where I should go on my next cupcake adventure?


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