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Cupcake Adventures | Girl on the Move Blog

Back when I used to blog for just my mom and aunt, I posted about this cupcake shopplease don’t laugh at how ridiculous the pictures are in the post!  Since my first visit to Sweet and Saucy Shop I’ve been to more than 30 cupcake shops across the country, so I figured it was time to head back and refresh the cupcake shop that started it all!

But this is more than just a refresh, since my most recent visit included a behind-the-scenes tour…say what?!?

Sweet and Saucy Behind the Scenes | Girl on the Move Blog

This giant workspace (top left picture) handles all of the baking for the Long Beach and Newport Beach locations of Sweet and Saucy.  During my visit there were bakers working on cupcakes, macaroons, and cake pops…and of course there was a sample or two 🙂

The cupcakes at Sweet and Saucy are irresistibly yummy but they also rent out props to create gorgeous dessert tablescapes.  I would encourage you to check out their Instagram account to be inspired for your next party!

Cupcakes frosted and ready to be frosted!  I know that this picture will make my brother jealous because he loves the Candy Bar Cupcakes!

What really sets Sweet and Saucy Shop apart from other cupcake shops is their custom work.  A couple of years ago my mom ordered cupcakes to celebrate some big accomplishments in our family and each cupcake came decorated to match one of the accomplishments.  A lot of those decorations are created with fondant and seeing their fondant station was mind-blowing!  The level of detail given to each of the, often small, fondant toppers was simply amazing.

Obviously I am biased to the cupcakes a shop offers, but Sweet and Saucy also offers delicious macaroons in a wide array of colors and flavors!  When I stopped by the shop they were working on Easter egg macaroons.

Do you see those mixers?!?  They make my beloved KitchenAid look like something that belongs in a dollhouse!  Each of these mixers is able to mix up enough batter for a couple hundred cupcakes!

Thank you Melody for an awesome tour!  I loved getting to see where all of the magic happens and I can’t wait to come back soon to have another cupcake!

Sweet and Saucy | Girl on the Move Blog

Is there a cupcake shop near you that I should add to my list of cupcake shops to try?!?


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