Ultimate Non-Runners Guide to Running

This week I hit Day 250 of my current running streak and the OCD part of me likes this milestone because it just seems like a nice, even, number…it’s half-way to 500 or a quarter-way to 1000 and it means I only have a few more than 100 days left until I hit the one-year mark (what?!?) One of the questions I’ve been asked most often during my running streak is, “How do I start running?” So I did some research, asked my running friends, and reflected on my journey to bring to you The Ultimate Non-Runners Guide to Start Running! This list of resources is designed to be a guide to running for beginners.

Running for Beginners: Getting Started

I think getting off the couch for the first time (or for the first time in a long time) can be the most difficult steps of your running journey! Once you’re up and going it’s a whole lot easier to take the next step on your run than it was to take the first step of your run.

GIRL ON THE MOVE (GOTM) TIP: Find a plan and a buddy! For brand new runners I recommend a program like C25k (Couch to 5K) because it gives you a plan to go from not running to running a 5k in 9 weeks.  And then find a buddy who will do the program with you…because almost everything is better together! My mom did both of these things and last weekend she ran her first 5k…the Wipeout Run!

Tips from my running friends:

Overcome Excuses from Run to the Finish

Motivational Quotes from He And She Eat Clean

Motivational Tips from No Thanks to Cake

Dear Slow Runners from Strength and Sunshine

Orange County Wipeout Run 2015 with running tips for non-runners

Running for Beginners: The Equipment

As a new runner, how in the world are you supposed to pick running shoes and clothes and do you need any other equipment like special water bottles or fancy headbands?!? If you follow any runners on social media you’ll see them in a variety of running shoes so how are you supposed to know which one is the best? The truth is, it varies from person to person. The brand of running shoes that is the best fit for my feet, may not be the best for you.

GOTM TIP: Don’t be frugal about your running shoes! And when you’re getting your first pair, if you can get fitted in a running store, go get fitted! They’ll help you figure out what is best for you based on your foot structure, stride, etc. I am all about wearing workout tops from Costco (they’re cheap y’all) but I do not try to scrimp and save when it comes to my running shoes! My body is too important to be supported mile after mile by poor quality running shoes.

Tips from my running friends:

Lacing Your Running Shoes from He and She Eat Clean

Rotate Your Running Shoes from Run to the Finish

Lacing up your first pair of running shoes doesn't need to be intimidating with this list of resources on running for beginners.

Running for Beginners: General Tips

Since running is a solo, mostly equipment free sport I think people wonder if it should be simple or if there is more to it. And I think the answer is both! The great thing about running is you don’t need other people, you don’t need to learn a whole set of rules (although if you sign up for a race it wouldn’t hurt to do a google search for race etiquette), and you don’t need a whole bag of equipment. But there is a lot you can learn to improve your runs like breathing techniques, pacing, speed workouts, cross training, improving your stride, etc. So as you get started on your running journey take some time to read these general tips…just know you can get started without knowing everything!

GOTM TIP: Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. If you want to begin running in 2016 don’t sign up for a marathon in May or decide to run 4 miles a day every day for the whole year! Set small goals and then celebrate each accomplishment and then set out on a new running goal. And find a buddy (I can’t stress this one enough!!!)

Tips from my running friends:

How to Start Running from This Runner’s Recipes

Tips for Newbies from Parade

Tips for New Runners from MCM Mama Runs

Becoming a Runner from Running with SD Mom

How to Train for your First 5K from Maybe I Will

Breathing Patterns for Runners from Running with Perseverance

I’d love to hear from you!  If you’re a runner, what are your tips for newbies?  If you’re new to running, what is motivating you to run?

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Wipeout 5k Run

Five years ago my sister competed on a Wipeout: Blind Date episode…if you’ve been a fan of the show for years you might remember her as the cougar!  She did really well…her partner, affectionately referred to as the cub, not so much…so they did not make it past the second round.

But now it’s time for redemption!

Wipeout 5k Run Orange County

That’s right, we’re participating in the Wipeout 5k Run on November 7 at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre…and I want you to join us!  If you’ve ever watched the show Wipeout and thought you can do better, this is your chance!  Join me for this crashtastic 5k run in Orange County.

Tweet: Join me at the Wipeout 5k Run in Orange County this November! http://bit.ly/1SR2grp #wipeout #SoCal

Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to join me at this awesome 5k run because I want to meet up with you for pictures and fun!  And if you don’t live in Southern California you can check out their site to find your local race!

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Run Streak

First of all, if you are a blogger, make sure sure you check out the Blog Staycation I’m co-hosting later this month…it’s going to be amazing!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and for me, birthdays are more about fresh starts than even New Years!  For me, my birthday represents a chance to look ahead to the new year and start fresh.  So this year I decided I wanted to try and so how many consecutive days I could go for a run…my very own RunStreak.  The beauty of going on this running streak is that I can set the “rules” and so I’m keeping them pretty simple…

-A run counts for the day if I run at least a mile (some days I do more but on days when I do Body Pump I don’t run much more than 1-2 miles)

Yup, those are all of my rules!  So far I’m at four days…and here is to many more!  And if you want to encourage me along the way, I sure would appreciate it because I’m sure days will come when I just don’t feel like running!

BangBands are the perfect headband for all of your workouts

And now I have the perfect accessory for all of my runs!  Here’s the thing I love about this BangBandsByLinny headband…it’s incredibly functional (a necessity if you’re heading out for a run or to hit the gym!) but it’s also super cute!  Another bonus is that this headband doesn’t slip around when you’re working out so I don’t have to expend all of my workout energy on trying to keep the headband on my head…it just stays there!  And it’s reversible so I can wear it two different ways!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a headband to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I know not everyone is a runner, but is there anything else in your life you want to try and do in a streak?  Maybe give up sweets, take a walk, spend 15 minutes reading, or so many other options!

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A Letter to my Fitness Community

My first fitness love is running, but in the last few months I have fallen in love with my Body Pump class.  I love that in just one hour I can do strength training for my whole body.  On average there are 12-15 people in the class until this week…when there were 30!  As I was waiting for class to begin I overhead a couple of the regulars quietly wondering how long the class was going to stay this full.  And that’s when it hit me…that was entirely the wrong response!  And so I wrote this letter to my fitness community to address our gyms suddenly teeming with “New Year’s Resolution-ers”

A Letter to my Fitness Community
Dear Health and Fitness Enthusiasts,

If your gym is anything like mine it has been more crowded than usual the last week or so.  While you might usually be able to find a treadmill when you stop by the gym after work it may have been more difficult than usual the last few days.  In years past this has really annoyed me and I’ve often thought, “Don’t come and take up space at my gym for a weeks at the beginning of every year!”  As I scrambled to try and find the equipment I wanted to use I would just remind myself that I would only need to put up with this busyness for a weeks…a couple months at most.  By the time my birthday rolled around in March they gym would be back to its usual level of busyness.

But this year I realized something…

What if we were more welcoming?

It takes a lot of courage to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new and I can’t imagine how it feels to try something new only to then be met with glares and stares.  If you have limited experience at the gym it can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out how to work some of the machines, how much weight to use and understanding gym etiquette.

So instead of muttering under our breath about how crowded the gym is this time of year and remarking about how long we think these new people will stick it out, let’s smile and help them feel welcomed to our fitness community!

Here’s to having a gym still filled with people in April!


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Be Inspired: Tina

It is my hope that you leave this blog feeling inspired.  Whether you spend 2 minutes reading the blog every month or check the blog on a daily basis, it is my hope that when you click away from my site you leave inspired.  Inspired to try something new.  Inspired to step out of your comfort zone.  Inspired to embrace a new challenge.  Inspired to make a difference.  Inspired to dream big and chase those dreams.  Inspired to live life a little bit different.  Inspired to be the best you possible.  This series introduces you to people and stories that inspire me and it is my hope that they will inspire you as well.

I met Tina through the world of blogging and I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly how we met (and neither can she!) but I do know I’m glad we did!  I can not even imagine running a mile at the same pace as Tina but I do know that her running inspires me to be a better runner.  Last week she raced as an elite in the Chicago Marathon and I loved reading the recap of her experience and look forward to continuing to follow her running journey.  You can follow Tina on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Tina Muir

What dream are you currently pursuing?

I am greedy, and have a few of them: representing Great Britain in an International competition, running a 2:30 marathon (but first I have to get the shorter term goal of getting under 2:40), and successfully running my own healthy meals-on-the-go business.

What is your biggest dream?

The dream that gets me out the door every day for my runs is that someday I will represent Great Britain in an International Competition. Ideally, this would be in the marathon, but I would be happy with a shorter distance too. I have had this dream since I first started running at age 14, and I am not going to stop until I get there!

I would also say that the dream of opening a business is also very real for me. I am not in a position where I can right now, but I hope over the next few years I can set it up, and ride the wave as more Americans realize how important eating the right foods, is for their future.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life?

Finishing 3rd in the 10k at the 2012 Olympic Trials was probably one of the greatest moments in my running career, especially being asked for autographs after the race. That was very special knowing you are having an impact on young children’s lives. I never thought I would win a medal at a race like that, but it just goes to show that hard work does pay off! Tina Muir 2

Who has been an inspiration to you and how have they inspired you?

Paula Radcliffe, the world record holder in the marathon was always my hero as she was so fearless, breaking barriers in the women’s marathon that no one else in the world has come close to since. I loved watching her run by me when I watched her in London, and she inspired me to become the best I could be.

How do you handle obstacles that arise as you pursue your dreams?

Even though it can be difficult as it is happening, I try to keep in mind that setbacks always make you stronger. Those challenges we face always give us an extra level of grit to be able to dig down deep when you are given the opportunity to compete. I usually run the best after a setback, as I know there is no way I will give up after all I have been through! I also like to trust in the process, that things will happen as they were always meant to, and as long as you work hard and stay positive, you will get there, when your body is ready.

Can you share five interesting facts about yourself?

-Hmmm, well readers of my blog will know I am a sugar addict, nothing is too sweet for me! Therefore my favorite snack would be anything sugary, although peanut butter m&ms are my biggest weakness.
-I know how to surf, I learned when I was living in California from 2006-2007
-My favorite color is yellow
-My favorite running shoe is the Saucony Kinvara; I train and race in them
-My favorite thing to do when I go home to England is to go to a restaurant called The Waffle house…..no, not the American Waffle house, this is a hole-in-the-wall place in my hometown that serves all kinds of sweet and savory waffles. My favorite is the bannoffee (banana, toffee sauce, chocolate shavings, and ice cream) waffle. I miss that place a lot!

Who is your fitness inspiration?

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Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Racecation Tips

Y’all I have been waiting to do this post since we first created the Training Thursday schedule! If you follow me on my blog or via social media then you’ll know two things about me…I love running and travel! So racecations are a match made in heaven for me! But racecations require some planning, so here a few tips to make the most of your racecation!

Racecation Tips #runchat

Racecation Tips

Tip #1…I can’t stress this first tip enough…Make sure your training matches the conditions where you’ll be going!

This summer I spent a couple weeks in Denver and let’s just say that running in Denver is VERY different than running in Huntington Beach (by a few thousand feet!) If I had tried to run a half-marathon my first weekend there, there is no way I would have made it to the finish line! So be aware of that when you pick a racecation! If you can only train at sea level, don’t pick a race in the mountains. If you can only train with no humidity, don’t pick a race in Florida in July!

Tip #2…Don’t save your new equipment for race day!

This doesn’t just apply to shoes and clothes…it also applies to things like sunscreen! My preferred running time is before 6am…when you don’t need sunscreen. If you arrive on race day and realize you’re going to need sunscreen you have two options…lather up and hope it doesn’t impact your running (it probably will) or skip the sunscreen and risk this…

Racecation Tip #1 #runchat
This picture is from five years ago..I’ve learned my lesson since then!

So test out what you’ll need ahead of time!  Train with the equipment (fuel, water, sunscreen, hat, etc) you’ll be using come race day.

Tip #3…Bring at least one friend or family member!

There will be lots of fans cheering for you along the race course, but trust me, there is something really encouraging about seeing a familiar face. And hey, whoever you recruit to be your cheering squad gets to visit an awesome destination so it’s a win for them as well! Racecation Tip #3 #runchat

My Dream Racecations

The Kaua’I Half-Marathon – I’ve only been to Hawaii once and it was only for a long weekend, so I’d love to go back…and this course looks absolutely beautiful!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dublin – What an amazing way to see this city in Ireland!

Safaricom Half-Marathon – Race with cheetahs in Kenya…sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Swiss City Half-Marathon – Surely you don’t need a translator for running!

Detroit Half-Marathon – Because you get to run in TWO countries in ONE race!

Route 66 Half-Marathon – Usually when you think of Route 66 you think of driving, but what a fun chance to see the scenery!

And call me crazy, but I don’t have a Disney run on my list of dream racecations. This doesn’t mean I woudn’t run one if the opportunity presented itself, just that there are other races I want to run first!

What racecation tips do you have? Where would you want to travel to run a race? Or if you’re not a runner, where would you want to travel to watch a race? Training Thursday | Girl on the Move

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