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How to Spend One Day in San Francisco

If you only have one day in San Francisco I have found the best way to explore!  As a disclaimer, you’ll need a car…but it’s worth it!  Step one is to download a 49-mile scenic drive map.  There are signs along the route but there are a couple of places were the signs were a bit confusing so I would highly recommend downloading the map!  And now here’s a look at some of my favorite places to stop with one day in San Francisco.

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Golden Gate Bridge

You simply can’t go to San Francisco without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge!  The great thing about the 49-mile scenic drive is that you’ll have the opportunity to see the bridge from several different spots.  And some of them aren’t very busy…which means great photo opportunities!

Golden Gate Park

You can’t see the bridge, but the park is an absolutely beautiful place to explore!  Miles of trails to explore and you feel so removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you only have one day in San Francisco as you travel here's how to visit the must see places and things to do and get the best views of the city

Twin Peaks

The views from Twin Peaks…unreal!  You’ll be able to get panoramic views of the whole city and is the easiest way to see the whole city during your one day in San Francisco.

Pier 39

Clam chowder.  Chocolate.  Is one day in San Francisco actually complete if you don’t stop by Pier 39?!?

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

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