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BONES TV Workout

If you’ve been around Girl on the Move for a while then you’ll know I love a good tv workout!  There’s just something about working out while you watch a tv show that makes you feel a little less guilty.  Since Bones on Fox is one of my favorite tv shows (I could re-watch Bones and Friends over and over!) I thought it was time I created a Bones TV workout!

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From the pilot episode (go buy the season one dvd’s if you haven’t yet seen this show…season one) Booth, Dr. Brennan and the rest of the team have entertained us while solving some of the craziest (and seemingly unsolvable!) crimes…all while making us want to invite their characters over for Christmas dinner. So whether you are currently watching the final season or are binge watching the first 11 seasons (because you really should make sure you watch…and maybe re-watch…all the episodes!) enjoy a great workout while you watch…guilt-free!

Don't be the person who skips the gym and just watches TV! Instead, exercise while you watch Booth, Bones & the rest of the team with this Bones tv workout.
fyi: My goal was to create a workout that would work for all of the seasons, so some character references (Zach Addy, Lance Sweets) are removed since using them in the workout would allow you to shorten your workout depending which season you were watching…and we can’t have that!

I’d love to hear what you think of the Bones TV workout in the comments below…and what other things should be added to the list?

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Gilmore Girls Workout

One of my favorite shows to binge watch is Gilmore Girls.  There is just something about getting caught up in the lives of the unique characters of Stars Hollow that leaves you watching one episode after the next!  But if you’re going to watch a lot of Lorelai and Rory, don’t just sit on the couch…do this Gilmore Girls workout while you watch!

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Even though Lorelai and Rory sit on the couch and eat junk food while watching movies, if you’re having a Gilmore Girls marathon a few push-ups isn’t a bad idea!  So, whether you are team Dean, Jess or Logan, this Gilmore Girls workout is for you!  

Lorelai and Rory go to Luke’s…10 squats.  This means you’ll be doing squats at least once an episode!

Friday dinner at the Gilmore’s…10 crunches.  You’ll be able to crunch your way through the sometimes awkward Friday night dinner.

Anyone drinks coffee…5 push ups.  By the end of the seven seasons your arms will look amazing!!!

Kirk performs another new job…5 burpees.  I think by the end of the series Kirk had worked at every establishment in town!

Lorelai and Rory quote a movie…10 tricep dips.  These girls know their movies and always have a quote ready to go!

Who is your favorite Gilmore Girls character?

p.s. I’m also really excited about Lauren Graham’s upcoming book and the Gilmore Girls Revival…November will be an awesome month in the land of Gilmore Girls!

Whether you are team Dean, Jess or Logan, or spend your time quoting Lorelai and Rory, or rooting for Lorelai & Luke, this Gilmore Girls workout is for you!

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March Madness Workout

Y’all I am beyond excited about the March Madness workout I’m sharing with you today!  Y’all know I love working out while I watch TV and if your TV is tuned to gazillions of March Madness basketball games in the next few days then it’s time to get off the couch during one of those games for a March Madness inspired workout!

If you’re not sure why you should try out this March Madness workout take a minute to think about the reality that the time we spend watching the Tournament is about 100 times the amount of time it took to build the Empire State Building…that’s a lot of hours watching TV!  So it probably wouldn’t hurt most of us to spend one or two of those games workout out instead of just sitting on the couch watching!

Another reason to try this is because I think doing these TV workouts is just more fun than a regular workout!  But be warned that in the final minutes of the game, you’ll be probably be doing a LOT of squats, so get ready!

March Madness workout for while you watch basketball

Who do you have winning your bracket this year?


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The Bachelor Workout

There was a time in my life when I watched The Bachelor because I believed it was a magical show with a fairy tale ending…and then I grew up!  And I realized I could enjoy the show IF I watched it for entertainment…because boy are those folks entertaining!  Nowadays I don’t watch it very often but when I do, I don’t want to feel guilty for spending time on the coach watching such a ridiculous show so I put together another TV workout…makes for almost guilt-free TV watching!

So here is a Bachelor workout designed to get you through an amazing episode where you can watch the Bachelor on his journey to love in what is probably the most dramatic season ever! Bachelor Workout

What other TV show workouts would you like to see you can watch guilt-free?

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Super Bowl Workout

The Super Bowl is coming this weekend which means you’re probably excited about the food, the commercials, and the half-time show.  And maybe you’re looking forward to watching some football 😉  But if you’re worried about spending your whole Sunday on the coach, try this Super Bowl workout to get up and get moving while you watch the game! Super Bowl Workout

What are your Super Bowl party traditions?

p.s. if you’re looking for other ways to get off the couch while you watch TV, check out these workouts for Scandal, New Girl, and Dancing with the Stars.

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New Girl Workout

In the last few weeks I’ve shared a couple of workouts for you to do while you’re watching TV (Scandal and Dancing with the Stars) and today I’m back with another one…New Girl!

If you’re not already watching the show but need a few more laughs in your life…and let’s be real here, who doesn’t need a few more laughs in their life, then tune in on Tuesday nights for this ½ hour comedy. And as you watch Nick, Jess, and the gang, try out this workout… New Girl Workout

Do you have any other TV shows you’d like to have a workout to do while you watch?  Let me know in the comments below!

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