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I was five years old when I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.  I came home from kindergarten every day and taught my younger sister whatever I had learned in school that day.  The result?  She learned to read at a very young age and I decided early on that teaching was my dream job.

I look back at my years in school and have very fond memories of so many of my teachers.  My first grade teacher led us in an awesome production of Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sarembo Hari Kari Pi Chi Pip Peri Pembo in which I was the narrator…and to this day I can recite that poor boy’s name.  My second grade teacher organized a post office for us and helped us assemble a classroom cookbook…my contribution was English Muffin Pizzas!  My fifth grade teacher rewarded us for reading which was a dream come true for someone that loves reading as much as I do.  My eighth grade teacher taught me to be a writer, a skill for which I am so thankful!

But as awesome as my teachers were (and still are!) I didn’t really appreciate them until the day I became a teacher!

And then I realized that teaching is more than just planning creative lessons and putting up cute bulletin boards!  There are papers to grade, parents to call, demands from the district, report cards to fill out, and so much more.  And on top of all that teachers need to be able to manage a classroom full of people with different strengths and gifts.  By the time I finished my first year of teaching I wanted to go back and personally thank each one of my teachers for the outstanding job that they did.

And so today to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, it’s time to give back to teachers!  One lucky teacher will win this awesome bag

Teacher Giveaway | Girl on the Move Blog

And entering is SUPER easy!

*If you are a teacher, comment below and let me know why you love teaching and you’ll be entered to win!

*If you know a teacher, comment below and let me know the teacher’s name and why you think they’re a great teacher!

That’s it!

If you want bonus entries you can follow me on Twitter and/or share this giveaway on Twitter…just make sure you comment below and let me know you did those things so that your extra entries are entered into the drawing!


  • knmeier

    I used to teach my brother, too! But it wasn’t until high school that I decided to become a teacher…growing up, I really wanted to be a marine biologist. The thing I love most about teaching is seeing a student’s face light up when they master a skill we have been working on for weeks and weeks.

  • Natasha Souders

    I often stop and think about how lucky I am to be a teacher. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. I love being a teacher because I get to know some amazing kids and witness their personal growth.

  • Kathy Campanella

    My daughter, Carl’s, kindergarten teacher is so awesome. Carly has many difficulties in school and needs lots of different kinds of help – Mrs Reilly is so wonderful. She meets Carly’s needs in every way without making Carly feel “different.” I am so blessed that Carly has Mrs Reilly as her first experience with a teacher!

  • Evie

    Miss leestma was our son’s second grade teacher and she instilled in him a love of science and space. He now has his pilots license and works as an aircraft mechanic. She has stayed in touch with him through out the years. Her encouragement had a huge impact on him!

  • Elvira

    I am a teacher in highschool. The thing I love the most is that I can make a real difference, even if it’s for only one student a year and even if they don’t show any appreciation. I love to watch how my younger students turn into young adults, how they form opinions, how they grow emotionally, how relationships form… it’s a beautiful thing to witness and I’m grateful for it every day!

  • Joely

    I’m not a teacher but that’s so adorable that you taught your sister and she learnt to read early! I remember playing teachers with my younger sister and her friends. They all thought I was amazing even though I hardly taught them anything!

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