Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week Five

So much to be thankful for this week!

Day Twenty-Nine (11/4/2013)

Day 29Thankful for my AMAZING #thirtyone team and the opportunity to chat with some of them tonight!

Day Thirty (11/5/2013)

Day 30Thankful that she’s not only my sister, but my friend

Day Thirty-One (11/6/2013)

Day 31Lunch with this crew #surfcitywl

Day Thirty-Two (11/7/2013)

Day 32Thankful for God’s beauty on a road trip to Oregon

Day Thirty-Three (11/8/2013)

Day 33Love time with cousins

Day Thirty-Four (11/9/2013)

Day 34Thankful to celebrate Scott and Becca’s wedding #loveherstool #Icomefromatallfamily

Day Thirty-Five (11/10/2013)

Day 35Thankful for an amazing weekend with family and gorgeous views on the drive back to #California

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