Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week Four

I have to admit that it has been really helpful to have a visual list of what I am thankful for because on days when I’m in a crabby mood and feeling ungrateful, it is nice to be able to go back and see all the blessings surrounding me.

Day Twenty Two (10/28/2013)

Day 22Cool, rainy afternoons

Day Twenty Three (10/29/2013)

Day 23 Thankful for a company that allows me to work towards amazing incentives! #tryingtoearnafreetrip #thirtyone

Day Twenty Four (10/30/2013)

Day 24A night with this crew #surfcitywl

Day Twenty Five (10/31/2013)

Day 25Happy Halloween! Thankful for this cute cowardly lion and for my mama who is an amazing seamstress! #Halloween

Day Twenty Six (11/1/2013)

Day 26Beyond thankful for a coaching call with my coach, and friend, Mike! God knew I needed that conversation today!

Day Twenty Seven (11/2/2013)

Day 27Thankful that He is my strength when I am weak

Day Twenty Eight (11/3/2013)

Day 28My Sunday afternoon Eagles family

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