Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week One

At church we were challenged to write down one thing every day that we are thankful for, and so I am embarking on a challenge to do this for 12-weeks.  Here goes!

Day One (10/7/2013)

ThankfulDayOneCrisp, cool, Fall mornings.

Day Two (10/8/2013)

ThankfulDayTwoHeart and lungs healthy enough to kick off the day at the gym.
This has not always been the case.

Day Three (10/9/2013)

ThankfulDayThreeAvailability of fresh produce

Day Four (10/10/2013)

ThankfulDayFourPark days with this love bug

Day Five (10/11/2013)

ThankfulDayFiveMy salvation

Day Six (10/12/2013)

ThankfulDaySixGoing through my box of childhood memorabilia with my mom.
So thankful for the love, support, and guidance of my parents.

Day Seven (10/13/2013)

ThankfulDaySevenWhen God makes His message for you loud and clear

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