Thankfulness Challenge ~ Week Seven

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is a day when many people will gather around tables with their friends and family to celebrate all that they are thankful for in the past year.  But one thing I have learned during the last seven weeks of this thankfulness challenge is the importance of being thankful every day, not just one day a year.  That means being thankful on days when everything seems to be going wrong and being thankful on days when everything is going right and being thankful on ordinary days.


Day Forty-Three (11/18/2013)

Day 43Coffee with a friend #goodformysoul

Day Forty-Four (11/19/2013)

Day 44Thankful to come home to a package from my amazing friends to cheer me up with some of my favorite things from Philly #imissphilly #imissmyfriends

Day Forty-Five (11/20/2013)

Day 45Thankful for a sister willing to paint my office!

Day Forty-Six (11/21/2013)

Day 46Thankful for this reminder of the importance of being thankful even on days when I don’t feel like it #whatareyouthankfulfor

Day Forty-Seven (11/22/2013)

Day 47A night with my mom and sister!

Day Forty-Eight (11/23/2013)

Day 48Thankful for new contacts for my business at today’s Holiday Boutique

Day Forty-Nine (11/24/2013)

Day 49Thankful to kick off the most wonderful time of year with the HB tree lighting #IloveChristmas

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