Thankfulness Challenge ~ Wrapping Up

Wow!  This is it.  Twelve weeks ago I set out on a challenge to take a picture every day that represented something I was thankful for that day.  I’d heard people say things like an attitude of gratitude leads to happiness and I have to admit that I was skeptical at the beginning of this challenge and I found it really difficult the first couple of weeks.  Was there really something to be thankful for every. single. day?  I wasn’t sure.

Now, after 12 weeks of finding something to be thankful for every day, I can attest that there is truth to that sentiment.  Focusing on what I was thankful for, took away focus from what I didn’t have or what I wished I had.  Does that mean that after 12 weeks I am now able to only focus on the positive and ignore the negative?  No. (See my post about Being Content to know that this is still something I struggle with regularly)  But I can say that I took a step in the right direction in spending more time being thankful than wishful.

Day 73 (12/16/2013)

Day 73Thankful to be a part of this shopping party tonight #thirtyone

Day 74 (12/17/2013)

Day 74Thankful for family night at Disney on Ice! #disney

Day 75 (12/18/2013)

Day 75Thankful to celebrate Christmas with the WyldLife crew #christmas #surfcitywl

Day 76 (12/19/2013)

Day 76Peaceful rainy afternoons

Day 77 (12/20/2013)

Day 77Thankful to finally have a night at home this month! #bestdinner

Day 78 (12/21/2013)

Day 78Family Christmas! #lovemyfamily

Day 79 (12/22/2013)

Day 79A great way to end the weekend! #Eagles

Day 80 (12/23/2013)

Necklace!Christmas Eve with my family #lovemysister

Day 81 (12/24/2013)

Day 81Thankful for a day of food, family, gifts and the true reason for the season #jesus

Day 82 (12/25/2013)

Day 82Girls night with friends from high school

Day 83 (12/26/2013)

Day 83Thankful for 75-degree weather in December! #notinphillyanymore

Day 84 (12/27/2013)

Day 84Fresh baked banana muffins! #eatclean

Day 85 (12/28/2013)

Day 85Taking the time every day for the last 12 weeks to think about what I am thankful for has helped me focus on all of the blessings in my life instead of on what I wish I had. Here’s just a little glimpse at the blessings I am so thankful for #12weekthankfulnesschallenge


*As a side-note, I have NO idea when I got off track numbering my days because 7 days a week x 12 weeks should have gotten me 84 days and yet somehow I have 85…and I don’t have the attention span to look back through my weekly posts to see where I went wrong…but if you know…please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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