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The Boardwalk (and the jimmies v sprinkles debate)

Yesterday I shared about the beach part of going, “down the shore”…today it’s the Boardwalk!  There is nothing quite like the Boardwalk and there are so many tastes, sights and smells to associate with the Boardwalk.  And no trip to the Boardwalk is ever complete without…

A slice of pizza from Manco & Manco (originally and probably better known as Mack & Manco’s) is a must have when you’re down on the Boardwalk!

A soft serve ice cream from Kohr’s Bros

And is that served with jimmies or sprinkles?!?  This seems to be a heavily debated topic and I would love to know what exactly the difference is between jimmies and sprinkles…is there even a difference?!?  And what should I be calling them when I order?


And then there are the shops (because who doesn’t love a touristy tee?!?), the mini-golf, the rides, the characters, and so much more!  In my opinion the Boardwalk is what makes the shore a great vacation!


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