Cupcake Adventures: The Cupcake Store

Wow!  I’ve been to quite a few cupcakeries and this one definitely tops the list as one of my favorites so far!  The Cupcake Store has locations in Mission Viejo, CA (where I visited!) and Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA).  The shop was festive, adorable and felt like a place I would want to meet to catch up with my girlfriends.

The Cupcake Store

I ordered the Lemon Drop cupcake and I was pleasantly surprised that the lemon was not just a part of the decoration but that there was also a lemon filling.  I also loved how the frosting comes straight up even with the sides of the cupcake instead of rounded on top like most typical cupcakes.

Lemon Drop Cupcake

In my opinion…if you are on the Mission Viejo or Downtown Disney area I would highly recommend stopping by The Cupcake Store!

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