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The Shore

I grew up in Southern California close to beaches like Huntington and Santa Monica and so when I moved to the East Coast I had no idea what to expect from this place everyone affectionately calls, “the shore.”  I quickly learned you don’t go, “down to the shore,” it’s just “down the shore.”  And there are really two parts of the experience…the actual sand and water part and then the city/boardwalk parts (more on that tomorrow).

There are two big differences that really stand out to me between the Jersey shore (where not everyone is like the cast of the tv show!) and beaches in So Cal…

– This is not true for all the beaches at the shore but where we go, you have to pay to get onto the beach…seems like highway robbery to me!

– There are no firepits 🙁 One thing I love about going to the beach in Cali is the bonfire at night when you get to roast hot dogs and make smores…no such luck over here!

Over the last seven years I have to come to love going down the shore in the summer.  It may be very different from going to the beach back home in California, but it is fun and unique in its own way!

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