Is it time to throw away my scale?
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Throwing Away My Scale

During a recent run I realized something…

…it might be time to throw away my scale.

Too often I let the number on the scale control me.

And that got me thinking, why do I let the number displayed on the scale control me when I know…

-I workout regularly (I’m in the middle of a running streak which means I’m literally active 7 days a week)

-I drink 8+ glasses of water a day

-I eat a balanced healthy diet and don’t overindulge in snacks and desserts

Is it time to throw away my scale?

I can confidently say I’m taking care of my body so why do I let a number make me feel good or bad about myself on any particular day?

Maybe it’s time to throw away my scale.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…What is your relationship like with your scale? Do you use it to check your progress? Do you obsess over the number?  Does it keep you on track for your goals?  How does it impact your thinking and choices during the day?


  • jill conyers

    I believe that the scale can serve a purpose for some depending on goals and training. For me the scale is too risky. Combine recovering from an eating disorder with a tendency to obsess and the scale can easily lead me down a very dangerous and unhealthy path. Yikes. Where did all that come from? Something to think about for sure.

    Have an awesome Friday Julie!

  • Cassie @ Almost Getting it Together

    I weigh myself every day and it definitely can completely wreck my day. I know I can’t let it… I’m kind of thinking about getting rid of it, or stopping stepping on it for a while, because I’m it’s telling me a number I don’t like but my clothes are all still fitting… so it’s super frustrating.

  • winifred jac

    totally agree. i havent stepped on a scale in i dont even know how long. even at the dr’s office, i tell them beforehand not to tell me the number. it’s the easiest thing to get obsessed with and totally not worth it. im happy with myself.

  • Michelle

    Yes! I totally agree! I get obsessed over that number too and find it’s better to just be happy with how I feel, rather than that stupid number. Great post!

  • Donna

    We have never had a scale. The only time I weigh myself is in Costco 🙂 I totally agree – as long as you are active and have a healthy diet, you have nothing to worry about!

  • Rebecca

    I actually went years without a scale and then decided to get one earlier this year. So far, I think it’s actually helped keep me in check. It’s funny how everyone has so many different opinions about scales.

  • Mary

    I love this!!! I lost over 100 pounds by eating healthy and working out, without access to a scale. You’re right, you know who you are, what you eat, how active you are and that’s all that really maters. I love this post!

  • Theresa @DearCreatives

    I have a scale but, never use it with the exception of once in a great while. I’ll never be the weight I was in my 20’s or 30’s. I’m just going for healthier. I always go by how the clothes feel and look on me.

  • Pam @ Hodge Podge Moments

    I have mixed opinions with my scale. Some days I step on it and it reflects how I’m feeling – either good or bad. Other days I step on it and it doesn’t reflect how I’m feeling. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve been doing great and the scale telling you otherwise. I think that’s why it’s so important to focus on the non-scale victories.

  • Phyllis

    I weigh myself once a week and that’s it. I have weight to lose but I’m trying not to make that my primary focus. We put so much emphasis on the scale and become obsessed with it that it literally make losing that much harder. I’ve been trying to focus on my eating habits and how I can change those. So far by doing that, I’ve lost 10 pounds. Granted I have many more to lose but your mind has to be in the right place and that means focus on what’s going to help reach a goal, not what the scale says. IMO anyway! 🙂

  • Emily

    I used to be even more scale obsessed, but at the beginning of this year, I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself to trust God, take care of my body wisely, not be obsessed, and go without weighing myself. And the thing that kind of shocked me was that my weight stayed the same… O_o


      Such a great reminder that we don’t have to be scale obsessed to maintain (or even lose) weight…we can just trust that we are being healthy and how our clothes fit!

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