If you've ever considered trying Airbnb check out these Airbnb tips and top ten reasons why you should use Airbnb when you travel.
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Top Ten Reasons To Try Airbnb

If you’ve been curious about whether or not you should use Airbnb I’d recommend checking out these Airbnb tips and then peruse this list of the Top Ten Reasons You Should Try Airbnb!

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10. Experience local culture…You’ll get more of a taste of the local culture for where you’re visiting than if you stay at a hotel

9. You can save money!  The majority of the time, staying at an Airbnb listing is cheaper than staying at a local hotel…and if you book a whole house/apt, you’ll probably also have more room!

8. But you don’t have to travel dorm-style!  One way to save money when you travel is to stay in hostels which often mean sharing space with others so the advantage of Airbnb is you can save money while still have space to yourself

8. You’ll get insider tips…because you’re staying with a local (or in a local’s house) they can make recommendations for off-the-beaten path restaurants and attractions that you otherwise might have missed!

7. The review system…Airbnb has a review in system in place for both guests and hosts so you can find out more about where you’ll be staying ahead of time.  Hosts are motivated to make your stay great because they want to get positive reviews.

6. The process is simple…The website, and app, are user-friendly and incredibly easy to navigate!

If you've ever considered trying Airbnb check out these Airbnb tips and top ten reasons why you should use Airbnb when you travel.

5. You’re not limited to your hotels breakfast hours!  Want to sleep in until noon and then have breakfast?  You can do that when you’re staying at a house/apt with a kitchen through Airbnb…not so much if you’re staying at a hotel that only serves breakfast until 10am!

4. You’ll have more space…most of the time you’ll at least have access to a living room, kitchen, etc when you book through Airbnb!  If you book a whole house/apt you’ll have lots more space than a hotel.  If you only book a room you’ll likely still have access to common areas…which gives you more space than one hotel room.

3. You have more location options…in most cities all of the hotels are in one part of town (or maybe in small groups in different parts of town).  But with Airbnb the listings are spread out all over the city so you can truly experience different neighborhoods instead of being limited to tourist areas.

2. You can have the comforts of home when you’re traveling…curl up on the couch to watch tv, play games into the night, make yourself a cup of tea…the bottom line is staying in a home/apt is more comfortable than staying in a hotel room.

1. You’ll meet great people!  I have loved meeting all of the guests in our home and even though we rent out our entire house so we don’t stay there with them I have loved getting to meet different people from different walks of life…it truly broadens your horizons.

If you are planning a trip, I would highly recommend looking into Airbnb and seeing if there is a listing that is just right for your needs! If you’d like a discount on your first Airbnb stay ($40 in travel credit)( you can sign up through our link and I would also highly recommend checking out the hosting opportunities with Airbnb as it’s a great way to earn some extra money! I can’t wait to hear about your Airbnb experience!

Have you tried Airbnb? Do you think you’ll give Airbnb a try? What have your Airbnb experiences been like?


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