Let’s Talk Training Thursday: Training Essentials

FYI..I received the Victoria Secret Sport items complimentary, but all opinions and thoughts are my own!

We’re back with another addition of Let’s Talk Training Thursday!  If you missed the first couple weeks, we’ve already talked about my Favorite Workouts and my 2014 Goals (which I’ve already changed a little bit!) This week we’re going to talk about my training essentials.  Like Olivia Pope’s affinity towards wine, and Mr. Rogers love of sweater vests…these are the things I just can’t live without! Training Thursday | Girl on the Move

*My shoe of choice is Saucony…and quite simply I’ve never met a pair of Saucony’s that I didn’t like!

*My latest favorite gear is from Victoria Secret Sport! Y’all…I could live in these capris! Super comfortable, wick away material to help your runs stay dry, a pocket in the back, and so many other great features!

And here’s something really fun…I have some 25% off coupons to give to some of you! If you want one, comment below and I’ll spread the love to as many people as possible!

*Music…but I’m super particular about this! When I run outside I don’t really like music because I focus on pace, stride, etc and the beat of the music can really throw me off. However, when I run on the treadmill I need music…preferably upbeat and catchy. Like Pitbull…I listen to a lot of Pitbull when I run!  Any suggestions of songs to add to my playlist?

*Fuel…Unless I’m training for a longer race (1/2 marathon) I don’t typically fuel during a run because I’m usually only running 3-5 miles at a time. My favorite way to fuel before a run is a banana with some type of nut butter.

*Okay I have one last essential that doesn’t really fit into a particular category, but might actually be the most important of them all, and that is a community!  Hands down my very best year of running was when I had the strongest community of runners.  We met nearly every day to run and here’s the thing…on days when I didn’t want to run (like when it was 12 degrees out!), my girls rallied me.  And on days when they didn’t want to run, I rallied them.  We pushed, encouraged, cheered, and supported each other to be better runners!

So on that note, if anyone lives in Orange County, CA and wants to be running buddies, let me know!

 I’d love to know, what are your training essentials?


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