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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few months or on some remote island (in which case I wish I had your life!) you’ve probably heard something about this Periscope craze! It’s taking the social media world by storm and I for one, am LOVING Periscope! I’ve watched scopes on cooking recipes, life hacks, just making connections, fun games, and so much more. But sometimes the dreaded moment comes when I just have to unfollow someone…and even though I feel bad, sometimes it just has to be done!

Inspired by a conversation in the Facebook group for the #NovemberScopers (and #SeptemberScopers and #OctoberScopers) I decided it might be time to share with you four reasons I’m probably going to unfollow you on Periscope so you can hopefully avoid committing these Periscope sins!

*Sidenote…I will also unfollow you if you scope and drive!  This is not on the list below because there is not a funny perspective on this one…it is incredibly dangerous and if you are driving, put the phone down and wait to scope until later!

Top Four Reasons I'll Unfollow You on Periscope for anyone who uses Periscope

  1. If you spend half of your scope asking people to invite followers and give hearts…I am watching your scope to connect with YOU or learn something from YOU, not listen to you ask your viewers for more viewers. If I wanted to listen to someone begging for my attention I’d go back to teaching middle school 😉
  2. If you scope 17 times a day…but for real, people, there is no need to scope 7, 8, or more times a day and just like I’ll unfollow you on Instagram if you post 10 pictures from the same event in a 60-minute period, if you scope incessantly, consider yourself unfollowed!
  3. If you share 73 scopes a day…again this one’s for real, people…when you share 10, 20 or 30 scopes a day I have no idea if these are actually quality scopes you’re inviting me to or if you’re just a person who takes what they learned in preschool very seriously and shares EVERYTHING. It’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf and after you start sharing a lot I’ll stop jumping on the scopes you share.
    And then I’ll unfollow you.
  4. If you consistently ignore all of the comments…I get it, some people have way more than my 15 viewers on a scope and so it’s not easy to keep up with all of those comments. But, one of the things I love about Periscope is the real-time interaction, so if you consistently don’t respond to a single comment I can just as well watch you on YouTube. And I probably will since I’ll have unfollowed you on Periscope.

Tweet: Here are the top four reasons I'll unfollow you on #Periscope commit these
If you are someone that doesn’t do those things, let’s connect!!! You can find me at @jmdenouden and I’d love to have you comment below with your Periscope handle! And I’d love to hear, what makes you unfollow someone?

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  • Erin

    These are excellent reasons to unfollow someone for sure! Ive taken a break from scoping but I’m getting back at it so I’ll remember these 😉 Not that I was doing any of them before anyway, lol!

  • Phyllis

    I did have to unfollow a couple people. One person would scope every 15 minutes and it would be something with one word titles….work….shopping….driving….when I saw that last one, it was an immediate unfollow.

  • Missy - Getting Fit to Find Myself

    I am still getting comfortable with Periscope so I appreciate your post! How can you not acknowledge comments? I agree with you, some have a lot more viewers but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to acknowledge any of the comments. I will keep these in mind for when I get better at Periscope.

  • Jenn

    I have yet to figure out how to work a regular ‘scope into my day. I think, at most, I’d be able to broadcast 1-2 times a month–is it even worth it at that point, with the temporary nature of it?

  • Lexie

    I am totally one of those living under a rock! I have heard it mentioned a few times but have not a single clue what it is! HELP! HAHA! I am behind the times I guess! 😉 These are some great reasons to unfollow.

  • Wendy

    This is a great list! I could not believe it the first time I saw someone scoping while driving! Won’t watch. I like the interaction, but it kind of drives me crazy when they spend the first 5+ minutes saying hi to everyone, and then interrupt every train of thought for every comment. ? Guess I’m impatient for the meat, haha! It’s a fine balance I suppose, and since I haven’t done any scopes myself, I can only imagine how hard it is to keep it “just right.” I’ll be checking out your scopes!

  • Laura londergan

    I have yet to jump on periscope yet & start scoping but I can understand why you have these listed! When we take the time to watch the last thing I want is to watch people ask for more- how about give attention to the people who are here! Lol

  • Logan Can

    I also get annoyed when the scoper is only replying to comments and welcoming every single person by name who is watching. That has happened a lot lately and it ends up taking them forever to get going on the subject. I usually just quit watching.

  • Sarah Nenni Daher

    Yes, yes, yes, and YES! I also can’t unfollow when:
    1. you spend 10 minutes welcoming people or doing a dance. Really? That’s a replay watch (at best). If I can run to the store for a cupcake and be back without missing your “valuable content,” buh-bye.
    2. you wait. In silence. And you show me your floor. For 30 seconds. Isn’t there a saying, “anything is better than dead air.”
    Great list, Julie and it definitely gave me a chuckle!


      If I can run to the store and get a cupcake without missing your valuable content I am out because cupcakes always rank above dead air. Always!

  • Stacey

    I’m with Logan. I really want to hear what the scoper has to say not listen to them greeting everyone. It is nice to acknowledge a few – but too many can eat up a lot of time.


      I would definitely encourage you to get involved. Video platforms are going to keep increasing in popularity so I think it’s great to learn now while the platform is still relatively new 🙂


      Glad I’m not alone! If you’re traveling and seeing someplace really cool I can kind of understand it, but 15 IG pics of your trip to Target…JUST NOT necessary!!!!

  • Di

    I agree with all of these! Nothing worse than jumping on a scope and waiting 15 minutes for them to get into the ‘meat’ of the scope. I like interaction with comments but don’t just be saying hello to people as they join in the scope.


      I agree, I’m all for interaction but not at the expense of 15 minutes of my life while you wait to get started…I just don’t have enough free time to watch 15 minutes of nothing!


      Scopes by tourists are great because it’s a great way to explore a different part of the world…without spending any money to travel!

  • Yona Williams

    Periscope isn’t in the cards for me. For one, I haven’t even taken a dip in the video pool yet. And secondly, I don’t have the time to invest in another social media platform right now.


      Oh yes, I forgot that one…please don’t say hi to EVERY single person that joins and wait forever to start your scope…get to the good stuff already lol

  • Bev

    Yes! Totally valid reasons for unfollowing someone. And the scoping while driving….I understand that you don’t have to be looking at the screen, but really it can wait until you aren’t operating a large piece of machinery. Common sense.


      I really do think it’s common sense…but if the number of scopes I see while people are driving is any indication I’m going to assume a lot of people have no common sense lol


      Not bad blogger of the year…but I would encourage you to look into periscope 🙂 I think video platforms are only going to grow

  • CourtneyLynne

    These are all pretty good reasons…. I hate it when people invite followers to every scope they watch…. I had to turn my periscope alerts off because of that…


      I can totally relate! My phone was going off uncontrollably with alerts…mostly from people inviting me to watch other scopes…I was running out of time in the day!

  • Iyanna

    It’s funny I was thinking about scoping and wanted to check out your website since I haven’t already. Of course I clicked this post! Glad to know I’m not an an offender!! Lol. Thanks for giving me a laugh, Julie.

  • Lyn @MidMichiganMom

    YES! Inviting me to 10 scopes a day does it for me! I noticed that once I unfollowed the 3-4 people who are doing it, my Periscope experience greatly improved. Now if I could only get Periscope to stop KICKING me off! Grrrr.

  • Kimberly Cox

    Great reasons. You have most likely unfollowed me since I tend to invite followers to scopes since I know the notifications system doesn’t always work. I often only get notifications if people invite followers, and since I really like to see people live, it gets a little upsetting when I am always having to catch people on the replay due to periscope and not getting notifications properly.


      I don’t think you’ve shared enough for me to unfollow! I was following someone who literally shared a scope every 15-20 minutes…that doesn’t work for me!

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