Welcome Back to Blogging

I am a girl on the move.  This past school year alone I have been to Michigan, California six times, Cancun, Kansas, Ohio twice, Kentucky, Tennessee twice, Indiana, Washington DC, New York twice and the Jersey shore.  And as a newly (this month!) retired (who wouldn’t want to retire before they turn 30?!?) teacher I will have even more flexibility with life going forward.

I am also a girl who finds writing therapeutic. I have tried blogging twice before and looking back I know where I went wrong with those endeavors.  I attempted to blog about a topic that was too narrow and didn’t truly encompass what my life is about. “On the Move”…that’s what my life is about.  I love traveling, cooking, entertaining, running, my family, crafting, reading, and sports.  Rarely a day passes by where I am not on the move doing something or going somewhere.  I love trying new things and am always up for a challenge.

So, I am excited to share about my life on the move…even if my mom is my only reader!



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