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I’ve been running for 15 years and during those years I’ve learned a lot about running, and even more about myself.  I do some of my best thinking while I run and I’ve written lesson plans, drafted blog posts, processed some of my biggest decisions and reflected on life during runs through the years.  So I thought I would pass along some of the things I’ve learned about running and a few of the things I’ve learned while running…and I hope you feel inspired to head out for a run today!  Or at least a walk 🙂 Running Question Mark Quote | Girl on the Move Blog

* Running in the morning sets the tone for the whole day.  If I run in the morning I feel like I can conquer anything.  If I don’t run, I feel sluggish and less motivated.

* You’d be hard pressed to find a form of therapy that is cheaper than running!  Lace up your shoes, hit the road and you’ll feel the stress leave your body!

* Running is mental.  Most of the time I want to stop running mentally long before I physically need to stop running.

* If you’re not sure if you’re in the mood for a run, commit to running at least 10 minutes.  Chances are you won’t stop at 10 minutes and by the time you finish your run, you’ll be glad you did it.

* Running can be about so much more than just you hitting the pavement.  Run with a group and encourage others along.  Run for a cause and make those miles count.  Find ways to make running bigger than you.

* Running can help build relationships.  If you have a common goal of completing a certain distance or crossing the finish line of a particular race, the community you are able to build with each other is amazing!

Running Quote | Girl on the Move Blog

* It’s a whole lot easier to run when you’re behind a good looking guy…just keepin’ it real with y’all, so if you know any single guys who are runners, let me know 😉

* My body is capable of a whole lot more than I think.  As I crossed the finish line of my first race I realized that my body was stronger than I thought possible and I looked forward to seeing what my body could do next.

What do you love about running?   What have you learned about running or about yourself while running?





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