Why “Girl on the Move”?

What does it even mean to be a Girl on the Move?!?  Someone recently asked me why I named this blog what I did and it really got me thinking about why I picked the name that I did, and what that means in terms of what kinds of things I post on the blog.

First and foremost, the blog is called Girl on the Move, because I love traveling and experiencing new things.  That means you are going to see posts about trips I take, new restaurants I visit, cupcakeries that I try, and other fun places and people that I visit.  For me traveling isn’t just about the trip itself, but also about the planning!  I am heading to Denver for about 10 days this summer and not only am I super excited about the trip, I’m equally excited about planning the trip…I created a Pinterest board just for the trip, spent hours looking for the perfect house to rent (it is AH-mazing!) and will carefully choose restaurants and activities to do while I’m in in Denver.

The blog is also called Girl on the Move, because running is when I do my best thinking and is a stress reliever for me.  I go through seasons of life when I do more running than other times, but you’ll probably see posts at some time about running, or any races that I run.

And while I love being a Girl on the Move, there are a few things I need in my life to give me the energy to be on the move, a “home base” so to speak.  The biggest thing is my house, which means you’ll see posts about the food I cook, DIY projects I’m doing, and the friends and family I invite over.  I have found that having a place to recharge is crucial to keeping myself sane 🙂

So I invite you to stick around and see what life is like for this Girl on the Move.

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