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Why I Love Sports

I was recently watching an episode of New Girl where Jess realizes that the way to be friends with Coach is through sports and it got me thinking… why do I love sports?  Aside from the seemingly obvious reality that athletes are physically able to do things that the rest of us can’t do (I won’t even pretend that I could consistently hit 3-pointers with 6’9″ men guarding me or run with a football while enormous linebackers are coming at me or slide down an ice track on an object that looks like a cookie sheet!), there are a lot of reasons I love sports…

Breaks the ice ~ I can’t even begin to tell you how many dinner parties, birthday parties, and other social gatherings I’ve been at where a knowledge and love of sports have been an incredibly useful conversation starter!

Gives you something in common with people ~ Back in 2008 when the Phillies won the World Series I had the opportunity to attend the Championship Parade and it was amazing how having a common team to cheer for brought people all across the city together!  Everyone wanted to see, “Our boys,” win it all!

Brings people together ~ Stop by Philly’s Best in Irvine on a Sunday morning and you’ll see people from all over Orange County gathered together to cheer for the Eagles!  Super Bowl parties inspire blog posts and page after page of Pinterest boards filled with party snacks, decorations, and entertainment as people spend weeks planning a viewing party for their friends and family.  Friends have fantasy league and season ticket traditions that bring them together year after year.

The bottom line is that I love sports!  And so I have decided to pursue an idea that you might will probably think is absolutely crazy, but I have been learning a lot lately about chasing your dreams no matter how big, how crazy, or how seemingly impossible those dreams might seem to other people.  And the truth is that this idea combines several things that I love and it just feels like the right time to pursue this dream!

Trust Your Crazy Ideas

My goal is to write a book called “Girl on the Move’s Guide to Baseball Across America.”  For almost 150 years baseball has been a unifying force across generations and throughout communities.  Distinct traditions, both new and old, and the palpable excitement in a stadium packed with cheering fans, are what make baseball America’s favorite pastime.  A pastime worth sharing with others.

The guide will…

* Invite readers on a journey to discover unique traditions, food, and fan experiences at each of the 30 Major League Baseball ballparks.

* Inspire readers to explore new ballparks.

* Encourage readers to fall in love with America’s favorite pastime all over again.

You might be wondering how in the world I am going to do this and in one word…Kickstarter.  Head over HERE to check out my Kickstarter project and I would love it if you can share the project with your friends, family, and contacts to help make this eBook happen!

Kickstarter Project | Girl on the Move Blog


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