Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I follow quite a few blogs (DIY, fitness, recipes, lifestyle and more) and I try to enter any giveaways these blogs offer…and it’s been paying off the last couple of months since I’ve won three different giveaways!

#1 – $25 Home Goods Gift card from Simple Details…I first just have to say that Pam’s blog tag-line perfectly articulates what I think makes the difference between good and great…”Simple Details…are the difference.”  I think that when people and/or businesses pay attention to the small details they set themselves apart from others and can go from being good to being great!

#2 – Art Print Books from The Handmade Home…I am so excited to use the prints both in my house and as gifts!  Head over to the shop on The Handmade Home site to get your own copy of the book!

#3 – Circle Bib Necklace by loveSBdesigns from Tasteful Tatters…I chose to get mine in aqua and I was so excited to be able to wear the necklace on Christmas Eve!


Here’s to winning more blog giveaways 2014!


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