12 Days of Christmas: Day Seven

One of our favorite family holiday traditions is playing games.  Okay that’s not just a tradition for our family around the holidays but all year round.  But during the holidays I feel less guilty taking time to play games instead of doing one of the million things on my to do list.  So what are some of our favorite family games?

Again in no particular order, some of our favorite games…

Ticket to Ride – Brings back memories of my childhood days playing Risk (yup we were the kind of kids that played Risk…we also camped out in the backyard, drew chalk cities, and bought into the games my mom created to get us to do chores!)

Bolivia – Not to be confused with the country, this is a card game…that I can’t seem to win (and if you know me at all, you know how much this stresses me out!

Dutch Blitz – I may be Dutch but I didn’t learn about this game until I moved to Pennsylvania and realized I had been missing out for the first 24 years of my life!  This game is fast-paced and easy for all ages! And as the website advertises, “A vonderful goot family card game!”

How to Play Dutch Blitz

Apples to Apples – Guarantees a good laugh

Catch Phrase – Quick, easy, and fun…just don’t pick the historical category.  That’s not really fun for anyone!

Qwirkle – Matching shapes and colors might sound elementary, but trust me, it’s not!


Taboo – Not sure if this game can be entertaining?  Watch Four Christmases with Vince Vaugh and Reese Witherspoon…they play quite the entertaining game of Taboo!

What are your favorite family games?!?

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