Cupcake Adventures: 32nd Treat – Yogurt + Cupcakes

Right now frozen yogurt bars and cupcake bakeries are very popular so imagine the success when you combine the two!  And that is just what 32nd Treat, in Denver, did and I loved it!

My frozen yogurt was delicious (I’m on a salted caramel kick right now so I loved the salted caramel frozen yogurt) but since this is really about my cupcake journey I figure you don’t want to read about the yogurt I had 🙂  I had a miniature pink champagne cupcake and surprisingly I liked the unique flavor.  And I feel better about my waistline when I have tiny cupcakes like this 😉

32nd Treat also offers cupcakes large enough to serve a group…

…I wish I lived closer to Denver so I could order one for my next party!

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