A Letter to My Single Friends

To my single friends…

(and if you’re not single I bet you know someone who is single who you can share this post with today)

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. And then a few weeks after that is Christmas and a week later it’s New Year’s Eve. A trio of holidays that happen in a span of five weeks. A trio of holidays where it’s not always easy to be single.

These major holidays seem to be built better for pairs than for single people. You might be okay with being single ten months a year, but then November rolls around, and you’re no longer sure if it’s okay to be single and then you’re at holiday gatherings where you probably hear…

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“Oh, I’m sure your turn is next.”

“My cousin’s neighbor’s friend would be great for you.”

And you suddenly start to panic and wonder if it’s okay to be single.

So I wanted to share a little advice with you today…advice I learned last week in an unlikely place. During the winter season finale of Scandal, Olivia Pope told Jake…”I choose me…Right now I’m dancing…Now you can dance with me or you can get off my dance floor. I’m fine dancing alone.”

I'm fine dancing alone #scandal
That is some really sound advice for you and me! During a time of year where there can be a lot of pressure to be a part of a pair and try to find “the one” I would encourage you to remember that it’s okay to be dancing alone. And I even think it’s better to be dancing alone than doing a dance you don’t even like J Just because you’re on your own for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this season…make plans with friends, schedule some time for yourself to watch one too many cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, find a way to give back to your community, do things that make your heart happy this time of year!

So get out there and be confident about dancing alone this holiday season!


Julie aka “Girl on the Move”

If you want to watch, here’s a link to the Scandal clip


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