Amazing Race! At-Home Edition

A couple of months ago I shared with you how we recreated the tv show Chopped at home and now we’ve done it again!  This time we did Amazing Race and the organizers did a fantastic job of putting the race together and my team won so I was pretty excited!

To kick off the race we were handed a puzzle which we needed to assemble to get our first clue…I don’t think I have ever seen a puzzle assembled as quickly as our team put the puzzle together!  Then we searched through books, unscrambled words, did complicated math problems, and scoured the newspaper for clues.  To complete our challenges we needed to purchase something to donate to a non-profit, kayaked at the beach, complete a hackeysack challenge, take a picture with someone in a store, solved a building/fishing challenge, and did a little shopping!

We learned a couple of lessons along the way that just might be helpful tips for anybody recreating the Amazing Race at home…

1. Let people shine during challenges that feature their strengths.  I am a terrible Angry Bird player so instead of making me do this challenge other team members stepped up to the plate in a big way! Amazing Race Angry Birds | Girl on the Move Blog

2. Use your smartphone!  We navigated with our GPS, called on Siri for help, and completed several Google searches to help us solve the clues and make it from one challenge to the next!

3. Have no fear!  Not sure what you’re eating?  Don’t think about it!  Just take a big bite, chew, swallow, and repeat! Amazing Race Food Challenge | Girl on the Move Blog

4. If you are the race organizers, do a practice run through!  The organizers did the race a week ahead of time to check the difficulty level of the challenges and make sure everything ran smoothly…very helpful to have the kinks worked out ahead of time!

Since we’re becoming experts at creating at-home editions of reality shows and because I’m single, I think it might be time to step it up a notch and create a Bachelorette! At Home Edition 😉

What is your favorite reality tv show to watch?


  • Madaline

    This is so cool! I wish I lived somewhere that did these kinds of events. I do teach English to a bunch of kids and I bet they would totally enjoy a scaled down version of Amazing Race.


      I’m sure they would love something like this! I wish I could come and help organize the race and do it with them!

  • Tina Muir

    What a wonderful idea! This is so cool, I am going to go back and check out the chopped one, as I don’t think I knew your blog back then! I do not really watch reality tv shows, but I do love challenges like the one you have above…..well, when I am not in my racing season where I need to fine tune my body for races. Love reading about things like this though so I can live through you!

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