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I was recently in Atlanta for Thirty-One’s National Conference and had been planning on writing a post about my time in Atlanta when I got home.  And then I looked through my pictures and realized that while I might have been in Atlanta, I sure didn’t see very much of Atlanta!  I did however see so many of my friends, learned a lot about growing my business, and celebrated my team, so I would still say it was a good trip!

And that is not an exaggeration!  On our drive in to Atlanta we saw this…

Olympic Torch from the 1996 Summer Olympics.

The CNN Center and my hotel, the Omni

Good thing National Conference is in Atlanta again next year!  Maybe next year I’ll go a day or two early and see the sights I missed this year!  What should I add to the “Must-See in Atlanta” list?

P.s. As we were driving to Atlanta (I know it probably sounds crazy that we drove from Philly to Atlanta!) we saw this…


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