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Be Inspired: Cecily

Ten years ago this summer I moved to Philadelphia on what I’ll call, “my big life adventure.”  I had no idea when I moved there I was going to meet so many amazing people or my seven years in the city of Brotherly Love would be so transformative.  One of my favorite Philly people is Cecily.  There are a lot of reasons why she’s one of my favorites but near the top of her list is her desire to dream big and pursue those dreams…and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that’s really important to me!  This summer Cecily is bringing one of her dreams to life and I am so inspired by this dream I wanted to share it with y’all!

The Hope Concert is an uplifting event with musical artists, comedians and storytellers to bring awareness to the issue of suicide loss and prevention. It will be happening in Philadelphia, PA at the Wilma theater on July 29th at 7pm. We want to help bring light to the darkness. Because this is a pay what you can event so as not to shut anyone out who needs or wants to be there we are raising funds to take care of our costs and the proceeds will go to the local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  You can connect with Hope Concert on Facebook, Twitter and through their fundraising efforts.

What can you do to help support the efforts of Hope Concert?

1. Follow them and social media and help spread the word.

2. Head over to their fundraising page and buy a t-shirt to support the cause.

It is my hope that you leave this blog feeling inspired.  Whether you spend 2 minutes reading the blog every month or check the blog on a daily basis, it is my hope that when you click away from my site you leave inspired.  Inspired to try something new.  Inspired to step out of your comfort zone.  Inspired to embrace a new challenge.  Inspired to make a difference.  Inspired to dream big and chase those dreams.  Inspired to live life a little bit different.  Inspired to be the best you possible.  This series introduces you to people and stories that inspire me and it is my hope that they will inspire you as well.

Meet Cecily…

Be Inspired Cecily...Hope Concert in Philadelphia, PA

What dream are you currently pursuing?

A career in stand up comedy and having a successful Hope Concert event.

What is your biggest dream?

Being a stand up comedian, actress and all around giver and supporter of things that make the world better. Like one of those philanthropist people.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life?

Currently I’m very proud of being the creator/producer of the Hope Concert. This journey has shown me how strong and dedicated I really am. Sometimes I just hear “I am woman hear me roar” when I think about this process.

Who has been an inspiration to you and how have they inspired you?

My mother is the most inspirational person I know personally. She has been through so many difficult times but her faith and motivation has stayed in tact. She has shown me how to be a person of great character to get what I want without compromising my integrity or the integrity of others. She often says you must be humble, honest and hard working and she’ll support anything we do as long as it is not illegal, immoral or insane. I try my best to live within that standard.

How do you handle obstacles that arise as you pursue your dreams?

Through a trusty counselor I have been able to realize the goals I have and the steps I need to take to get to them by taking the overwhelming picture down to small manageable increments. So in essence I may not win a stand up competition or raise the amount of money I thought I would but I can see the growth and make a new goal for the next competition or fundraiser. Seeing the positive is a motivation for me.

Can you share five interesting facts about yourself?

1. I once called myself a runner and did about five 5K races before I realized its not for me.

2. Each year before my birthday I try something new…previous years included running, being in a dance for the Philly Fringe festival, being a part of Broadway Dreams.

3. This year’s birthday goal is to try pole dancing or some kind of circus arts. Really I want to P!nk but…

4. I’ve been to Italy/Greece, Costa Rica, the Bahamas and a few other international places.

5. I’m not the funniest person in my family but my brother decided to be part owner of bar in Costa Rica and get married and have a kid so that road was open 🙂

I hope you are as inspired as I am by Cecily’s journey!

If you can try one new thing before your next birthday what would it be?


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