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If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you know that I love trying new places!  So during a recent trip to Pasadena (home of the Rose Parade) to see a friend perform in a comedy show, we decided to check out Blaze Pizza.  I think that the best way to describe Blaze Pizza is as the Chipotle of pizza!

Blaze Pizza | Girl on the Move Blog

Admittedly I was a bit overwhelmed when we walked in the door, but the employees were incredibly helpful and friendly!  But I think what impressed me even more was the enthusiasm of the other customers…these people were excited about designing their own pizza!  The 12-year-old in front of us in line was adamant that we order the pesto on top of our pizza and I have to admit, I’m glad that I did!

Blaze Pizza | Girl on the Move Blog

(See the pesto on the white half!)

There are a couple of things that I really liked about Blaze…

1. I liked being able to pick what combination of ingredients I wanted on my pizza and I basically got a two for one deal because I could design the two halves differently!

2. The pizzas only take 3 minutes to cook in their, “Blazing hot ovens.”  Loved only having to wait a few minutes to get my pizza!

3. I ate at a Blaze Pizza in Pasadena, CA but there are franchises across the country, so you might have one near you!

Have you been to any new restaurants lately?  What restaurants would you recommend right now?

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