10 reasons to book a KOA camping trip all year-long. KOA campgrounds are fun for families using tents, cabins or RV parks during their road trip travels.
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Chances are if you’re thinking about heading out on a camping trip, you’re probably planning a summertime adventure.  But let me assure you, camping can be a great trip all year-long!  Last year KOA invited me to stay at one of their campgrounds and so I had my first experience with KOA camping (Kampgrounds of America) in the winter.  When I first told my dad about our trip, he could only picture tent camping in the middle of winter.  But when he heard we would be in a heated cabin, he was on board!

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Although you might think of camping during the summer, here are 10 reasons to camp at a KOA all year-long…

1. Even if you require this Camping Guide every time you leave the house, you can camp at a KOA!  The kampground is filled with helpful other campers and KOA staffers.  So if your camping expertise doesn’t include knowing how to start a fire or cook over a campstove, you can successfully camp at a KOA.

2. There’s just something about a camping vacation that brings family and friends together!

3. KOA facilities have so many options!  You can bring your own tent, bring your RV, or rent various sizes of cabins.  This allows you to camp year-round and with varying levels of camping expertise.

4. There so many things to do at a KOA facility.  Different kampgrounds offer different amenities but there are pools, horseshoes, bike rentals, petting zoos, and the list goes on.  KOA camping means never being bored!

5. Ice Cream Socials.  And movies and other fabulous events.  Each KOA kampground has their own social events calendar designed to help you have the best trip possible.

6. Nature!  Being up-close to nature is refreshing and gives you new perspective.

7. S’mores!  Camping means s’mores.  And anytime you combine chocolate + marshmallows, you make your day better!

8. Meeting new people.  Being in a campground (whether you’re in a tent or a cabin) allows you to meet your neighbors in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do in a hotel.

9. Unplugging.  Although you can still choose to have access to wifi and electricity, there’s just something about camping that encourages you to unplug from the outside world and connect with real live people in real live conversations!

10. KOA camping means getting to enjoy the KOA mission…”Today’s KOA takes care of everything, with friendly service and great amenities, so you can have fun with the people you love”….I love the heart behind KOA!

What’s your favorite things about camping?!?

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  • Kels

    Wow so I’ve been camping my whole life and seen these signs before but had NO CLUE what KOA stood for so now I’m going to go waste my life finding an awesome campground! Thanks!

    • Julie - "Girl on the Move"

      Same here! I’ve seen the signs and heard people say it but had no idea what it was…and it was a game changer!!!

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