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Cupcake Adventures ~ Cinderella Cakes

I absolutely love getting cupcake recommendations from people!  There is no way for me to know about every single cupcake shop across America (although wouldn’t that be amazing if I could?!?), so I really rely on recommendations from friends, family, and readers to let me know where I should go next!  A friend text me a picture of a cupcake she had from Cinderella Cakes (Costa Mesa, CA) a few weeks ago and since it is only about 10 minutes from my house, I knew I needed to check it out! Cinderella Cakes | Girl on the Move Blog Here are five things I loved about Cinderella Cakes (in no particular order)…

1. Any place that creates an environment, “Where flour and sugar become art,” is someplace I want to spend time!

2. The level of creativity involved in designing their cupcakes!  This isn’t just a cupcake with an Oreo stuck on top, this is a work of art!

3. The cake was moist…and if you’ve been following my cupcake adventures then you know how important this is to me…the worst kind of cupcake is a dry cupcake!

4. Not only is there a high level of creativity involved, but they are unique.  Let me just say that I’ve seen my share of Cookies ‘n Creme cupcakes but none with so much attention to detail and so many different elements….truly amazing!

5. They also offer delicious sugar cookies and gorgeous cakes.

I’m starting to get really excited for my upcoming road trip to Colorado because there are a lot of yummy cupcakes to try between California and Colorado…do you have any suggestions of places I should stop in California, Nevada, Utah or Colorado?!?


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