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This week I got the sweetest cupcake card from a friend and it reminded me again of how much I really love cupcakes…they just make me smile…so thank you to my sweet friend for that 🙂

And now on to my latest cupcake adventure took me to Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach, CA and let me just say…this cupcake shop might be as close to cupcake heaven as you can get!  I had a feeling I was in a for a tasty treat as soon as I walked through the door and was greeted with this sight…

Wonderland Bakery | Girl on the Move Blog

I mean…oh! my!

There are hardly any words to describe this place but since words probably work better as a blog post than just empty space I’ll share five things I loved about Wonderland Bakery (in no particular order)…

1. It’s all fresh.  And I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the freshest cupcake I’ve everhad from a cupcake shop…and I’ve had a lot.  Here’s why: When you order your cupcake they actually go to the back and frost your cupcake!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a cupcake straight from the display case (I mean I do it all the time!), but there is just something about a freshly frosted cupcake that is pretty wonderful.

2. They host cupcake parties.  Do you think there is an age limit for this or can I have my 32nd birthday party there next March?!?  And it gets even better because they’ll bring in characters that fit with the theme of your party.  Want a Frozen party?  You can have Elsa come say hello to the guests while they frost away!

3. Their staff is super sweet!  They were so helpful and welcoming and truly made the experience pleasant.

4. The cupcakes were delicious and featured some of the creamiest frosting I’ve ever had!

5. I only want to eat the cupcakes, but it’s worth sharing that they also serve a wide variety of other treats including cake pops, cookies, macarons and more!

Wonderland Cupcake | Girl on the Move Blog

A couple of other things that I wanted to share…they’ve been around for NINE years!  They sent 6000 specialty cookies to the White House for the last Inauguration party.  They will soon be opening up a second shop in Las Vegas!

Well, that was a memorable cupcake adventure…where should I head next?!?

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