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It’s time for another Travel Thursday post!  A couple of weeks ago I took you on a virtual tour of my Utah and Colorado road trip and today I’m back with food from my trip…particularly in Denver, CO.  It should probably be noted that if I were ever to move away from the beach or own a second home…it’d mostly like be to the Denver area…I’m absolutely obsessed! So let’s get started with our food tour…

Take a Denver food tour with Girl on the Move

Voodoo Doughnut (top left)…I’m pretty sure the picture says it all…there are crushed Oreos on top of the donut.  This also might be one of the reasons I had ZERO sweets/desserts in August!

Crave (top right)…oh the desserts!  We had the Fluffy Fat Elvis…candied bacon, vanilla bean marshmallow fluff, toasted marshmallow ice cream, banana cake with peanut butter filling…okay maybe this was the reason I had ZERO sweets/desserts in August!

Park & Co (middle right)…the sweet potato fries y’all were just so delicious!  Our whole meal was yummy, but oh those sweet potato fries!

One Fold (bottom right)…it can’t be said enough, Denver does breakfast right.  I have yet to meet an exception to this rule!  My breakfast burrito…simply divine!

Ace Eat & Serve (bottom middle)…you can play ping pong here.  Do you even need more of a reason to stop in?

Olive & Finch (bottom left)…because once you’re indulging on vacation, why stop?!?  So of course I had the S’mores Panini with marshmallow, milk chocolate, cinnamon spiced butter panini…this also may have contributed to the decision to have ZERO sweets/desserts in August!

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If you’re still looking for more Denver food suggestions…

*A few options for breakfast in Denver

*Tornadoughs, farmers markets, ice cream and other yummy treats while you’re out and about in Denver

*My love affair of breakfast in Denver began at Snooze

*And you can’t visit a city without getting some cupcakes!  Check out Church of Cupcakes, Tipsy Cupcakes, and Mulberries Cake Shop

As you can see from this list, I’ve clearly spent a fair amount of time eating my way through the culinary treasures of Denver…and I have more on my list of places to visit so I’ll definitely be heading back!

Where would you need to travel to get your favorite food?  What’s the best food experience you’ve had while traveling?


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