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Welcome to Day One of the 12 Days of Christmas!  Like I told y’all last week, this is my FAVORITE time of year so I am quite excited to celebrate with all of you for the next couple of weeks!  Today we’re talking all about Holiday Bucket Lists!

Holiday Bucket List #merryblogmas
 But this isn’t just a holiday bucket list, it’s also a super easy (and cheap!) craft project!  To get started you’ll need some type of container (I got mine from the Dollar Tree), a few colors of miniature ball ornaments and a Sharpie…you can definitely spend less than $5 to make this happen!

Once you have all of your supplies gathered sit down and write out your Holiday Bucket List.  When your list is finished you’ll want to divide the list into two categories….things that require some planning and things that can be done spontaneously.

Holiday Bucket List 3 #merryblogmas
And now here comes the crafty part!  Using a Sharpie write all of the things that need to be planned on one color of ornament and all of the things that can be done spontaneously on a different color ornament.  Once you have your bucket list written out on the ornaments, you can add them to your jar or container.  I added a third color to add some extra color but you can just stick to the two colors if you’d like.

The reason I divided my list up into two colors was that sometimes it’s fun to just be spontaneous and do something Christmas-y…but you can’t very well pick “Hang Advent calendar” out of the bucket on December 17th…it’d be too late!  So you’ll probably want to plan out some of the things on your Holiday Bucket List and then the other ones you can pick as a surprise throughout the month!

Holiday Bucket List 2 #merryblogmas
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*There is still some time to enter the $195 cash giveaway on my blog so go enter if you haven’t already done so!  And come back tomorrow to talk about Holiday Gift Ideas!

*Mark your calendar for Sunday evening December 7th for a Christmas-themed Twitter chat…you can find the chat under the #merryblogmas hashtag!

*Tomorrow we’ll be talking about gift guides and you won’t want to miss some of the cupcake goodies I found!

I’d love to hear, what’s on your holiday bucket list?


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