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The last few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this question of why I blog.  Why do I take the time to write and publish posts?  And equally, if not more important, why do I ask people to use their valuable time to read my blog posts?

When I first started blogging it was because it was therapeutic for me to have a place to write down all of my thoughts.  My mom and my aunt were my only readers and the truth is, I was really only blogging for me…an online scrapbook of sorts.  But in the last few months my reason for blogging has really shifted.  As I reflected on my life, I realized that while I liked experiencing new things, chasing big and scary dreams, and trying new adventures, what I loved, was inspiring others to try new adventures of their own.

But here’s the thing you need to know, adventures aren’t only defined as how crazy they seem to other people or how much money they cost or how much time they take…but rather I think that adventures are defined by whether or not they push you further than you’ve gone before.  For some people that simply means ordering a new dish at a restaurant they frequent every weekend.  For others that might mean applying for a new job outside of their current career field.  And for others that might mean reading a genre of book they never would have considered before.

Try Adventures | Girl on the Move Blog

Adventure requires you to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and try something that scares you.  And when you do that, the results can be pleasantly surprising.  In the last several weeks I’ve tried quite a few adventures!  Some of them I will share with you when it is an appropriate time for them to go public, some of them I will share with you because I failed, but I learned so many great lessons from my failures, and some I will not share because they aren’t fully mine to share.

So I blog about my adventures with the hopes of inspiring you to try a new adventure of your own.  What adventure will you try today?


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