Links I’m Loving #16

#1 – The very first musical I remember seeing live in theater was Annie, way back when I was in elementary school.  Usually I am not a fan of remakes, but I am really excited about the Jamie Foxx-Cameron Diaz version coming out in December!

#2 – Oh my goodness, how cute are these Easter photo printables?!?

#3 – I love Pinterest, but sometimes what we try doesn’t look quite as good as the original Pinterest version…this will make you laugh!

#4 – I try to set aside one Saturday in March or April where I can really dig in and do a good round of spring cleaning.  I think I will be doing that this coming Saturday so Sunday is probably a great time to come over because my house will be spotless!

Spring Cleaning

#5 – A challenge to be thankful.  This past Fall I did a 12-week Thankfulness Challenge that was life changing, so I would encourage you to check out this experiment in gratitude.


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