Month in Review: April 2014

Another great month over here at Girl on the Move!  This month was a little strange because I didn’t travel, but that’s okay because I still tried a lot of new things and worked on my summer travel plans!

Knott's Berry Farm | Girl on the Move Blog

A friend through Thirty-One was visiting Southern California all the way from Alaska so I spent the day with her and her daughter at Knott’s Berry Farm.  And we did this. A roller coaster that goes from 0 to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds and at it’s highest point is more than 200-feet in the air!  I think we’re crazy.  Here’s the craziest thing…I haven’t been to Knott’s in about 10 years and then the morning after I went with my friend I get an email saying I won two tickets to Knott’s…so my sister and I went a week later!

Knotts Giveaway | Girl on the Move Blog

Even though I wasn’t traveling this month I had the opportunity to catch up with friends who were visiting CA!  I met my friend Cecily when I was living in Philadelphia and I have to tell y’all…she’s one of the funniest people I know!  She was out in CA performing in a comedy competition and I loved getting to see her perform and catch up with her about life.

Cecily | Girl on the Move Blog

This month I also…

– Answered 5 great questions over at Being a Wordsmith

– Put my teacher hat back on and shared What I Wish I Had Known over at Teach, Inspire, Love, Raise

– Read another great book… Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker

– Enjoyed cupcakes at SusieCakes, Kupcake Spot, Frostings, and Sweet & Saucy


Any suggestions of books I should read, cupcake shops I should visit or things to check out in May?  What were your highlights in April?

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