November Scopers Challenge

It’s official.  I’m obsessed with Periscope! This summer I knew Periscope was something I should get on board with but I was sooo scared!  So Lauren, from Working Mom Magic, and I started September Scopers, and then continued the challenge with October Scopers and now it’s time for November Scopers…because we just can’t get enough Periscope!  And this month, we’re sharing our Worst Date Ever stories…so it’s pretty much going to be an epic month!!!

Periscope is a great way to connect with others on a deeper level then any other social media platform.  I’ve also learned some fabulous cooking tips, DIY projects, fitness tips, and so much more!  I’m working on a post on ways you can use Periscope for your brand/blog/business/self…so stay tuned for those tips coming soon!

Periscope Challenge ... November Scopers

To join us for #NovemberScopers all you need to do is jump on Periscope and add the November Scopers hashtag to your title…there are no rules about following the prompts exactly, do what works for you!

There are a few ways you can connect with other #NovemberScopers…

  • The Facebook group!  Join us over on Facebook to share your handle, replays and ask all of your scoping questions!
  • Explore the #NovemberScopers hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to connect with other people participating…it truly is a fabulous group!
  • Find me on Periscope so we can watch each other’s broadcasts!

Tweet: Join @jmdenouden & @workingmommagic for #NovemberScopers …a daily #Periscope challenge

I’d love to hear…Have you tried Periscope?  If you have, what do you think of it?  If you haven’t, what’s been holding you back?


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