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Parent Resources

If you are a parent of 8-12 year olds and are looking for the best books for kids, this page is for you! Finding books that your kids will like can be difficult and so I am here to help you help your child fall in love with reading. If you are looking for personalized suggestions, feel free to email me at MGLitList @ gmail . com and I’d be happy to make personalized recommendations!


As a parent it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with new book releases to share with your kids, so I have a newsletter where I share the best books for 8-12 year-old kids. This is a monthly newsletter designed to help you find the next right book for your kids. You can find the latest issue of the newsletter (and sign up to receive future emails) right HERE!

YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to wait to get the newsletter each month, I’d recommend checking out my YouTube channel. Designed to help parents and teachers find the next right book for their 8-12 year old, the channel is filled with suggestions for your reader.