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Pound: Rockout. Workout

Last weekend I attended TheFitExpo with FitFluential and had the opportunity to experience several new fitness classes and meet with their founders.  What an amazing experience!  Over the next several weeks I’ll be introducing you to a few of these fitness programs and the awesome people behind them.  I would strongly encourage you to look up these classes in your area!  I guarantee you’ll get not only an excellent workout, but you’ll have a lot of fun!

Up first is Pound: Rockout. Workout. I will admit I was a little skeptical about this one…I mean how good of a workout can you get with drumsticks?!?  Before trying out the workout I had the chance to connect with founders Cristina and Kirsten and their energy and passion for the program convinced me it was at least worth a try. Pound Workout is a high energy workout inspired by drumming #fitfluential #poundposse

I am here to tell you, I was WRONG!  It was a legit workout that got my heart pumping and left me wanting to do a few more songs!

Cristina and Kirsten started this fusion workout program 4 years ago and they deliver a workout that is not only effective, but also a lot of fun.  The set is based on drumming which means you get to workout to some great music and if you’re anything like me, music makes all the difference when I’m working up a sweat!

So if you’re looking for a little variety in your workouts, find a Pound class near you and join the PoundPosse!

What do you like most about group fitness classes?  What is your favorite class?


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