POUND Tour to Summer

Here at Girl on the Move I’m all about trying and experiencing new things…I think life gets boring and predictable when you just do the same thing over and over (well except my running streak…that’s not boring!) so I’m excited to be trying this new 60-day fitness journey this spring!

Remember earlier this year when I introduced you to Kirsten and Cristina, of Pound? Well today I’m excited to share about their upcoming Pound Tour to Summer! Y’all this 60-day virtual tour is going to be EPIC!

Pound Rockout Workout 60 day fitness system
Here are the details you need to know…

-You’ll POUND 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week (if you don’t live near a class you can purchase the workout system and do it at home)

-The workout system comes with everything you need including your Ripstix, a fitness journal designed to keep you on track, workout dvds, your workout plan and healthy recipes!

-You’ll do one other fitness activity per week

-You’ll eat balanced meals every day…because being fit is not just about working out!

-You’ll connect with everyone else on this journey with #POUNDtour

Pound Fitness Journal
So come and join me, and the Pound Posse, on this journey from April 6-June 4 and get ready for beach season this summer, create healthy habits, tone up and make some fabulous connections!

Oh, and did I mention you can win a trip to Venice Beach, CA?!? You’ll get to take a trip out to CA to hang out with the Pound team (and I’ll be there but I know that’s probably not quite as enticing as the Pound team!)

If you live in Southern California, let me know because I’d love to go to a live class with you!

What do you do this time of year to start getting ready for swimsuit season?

Disclaimer: In exchange for my honest review of this product, I was provided a free workout system.

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