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I am beyond excited for today’s post, but before we get to my road trip essentials I wanted to share the winners of my two recent giveaways!

LR Strayer won a copy of Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams and Elvira won this great teacher’s gift!  Here’s what Elvira had to say about teaching…

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway Winner | Girl on the Move BlogPlease contact me to claim your prize.

As y’all know, I love traveling and so when I found the Road Trip Essentials campaign from Turo (Formerly RelayRides) I just knew I needed to share my road trip essentials with all of you!

Road Trip Essentials | Girl on the Move Blog

Here are my road trip essentials…which I will be taking on my road trip this summer to Denver!

1. Hard boiled eggs ~ I get that most people probably don’t pack hard boiled eggs when they take a road trip but I can’t get in the car without one!  I eat a mostly clean diet (#4 will let you know that it’s not a 100% clean diet!) and hard-boiled eggs are a great mobile source of protein.

2. Dental floss ~ I know it sounds strange but when I’m on the road I need dental floss just in case something gets stuck in my teeth…I don’t want it bothering me for the next 150 miles!

3. A kick-butt playlist ~ When I work out I listen to a lot of Pitbull.  But when I’m on the road it’s all country, all the time!  Here’s a peek at my road trip playlist…

Road Trip Essentials Playlist | Girl on the Move Blog

4. Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberries ~ This is my chocolate guilty pleasure and it makes road trips better.

5. Rand McNally Atlas ~ I know in the age of smart phones and GPS’ this one might seem a little silly but my dad taught me when I was little how to read a real map and the truth is that this skill has come in handy…sometimes on a road trip you enter an area with no cell service and that is not somewhere you want to get lost!  Aren’t you proud of me dad for including this one on my list?!?

6. Trash bags and paper towels ~ I can admit that I’m a little bit OCD and so a dirty car would drive me crazy on a road trip!

7. Directions to cupcake shops ~ I travel to cupcake shops all around the country and so any road trip requires directions to cupcake shops on the way!

8. Zipper Pouches ~ These zipper pouches keep everything organized and easy to find!  If I’m spending multiple days on the road these zipper pouches make it easy to just grab what I need for the next day instead of taking my whole suitcase into the hotel.

Road Trip Essentials Collage | Girl on the Move Blog

What are your road trip essentials?



  • Elvira

    Woohoow! I’m so glad with that prize, I’ve contacted you by mail.
    And road trip wise: I love being a copilot and reading maps, it makes for a whole different experience. Reading maps is a skill that a lot of people seem to have lost, just like remembering how to get somewhere.
    And a roll of toilet paper is something I have laying around all the time.

  • eclipsed823

    I’m with you on everything except #1. I love hard boiled eggs but they make the car smell like a fart lol

  • Shelly

    #2 dental floss – hands down an essential to anywhere you go. I carry floss picks in every bag I own, in my car, at my desk at work and some even in my pocket on occasion.

    #8 zipper pouches – also, hands down and essential to every day life. I have three in my purse alone (1. to carry all lip balm, 2. for business cards, pens & pencils and my little notebook I carry so I can right down an idea as soon as I think of it because I will probably forget 2 seconds later, and 3. baby items, hand sanitizer and lotion.)

  • Kim

    I need good tunes, a book, my camera, phone and a few good snacks. Depending on my mood this could be Cheezits, fruit, pretzels, cheese or yogurt. I’m a bit of a snackaholic at times, road trip or no road trip. Haha.

  • Jodee Weiland

    I probably have most of what you mentioned plus some other things. I have boxes of kleenex tissues, usually some trail mix or nuts, and something to drink in a small cooler. I might even bring some fruit, but this is for long drives. Thanks for sharing…I like your ideas.


      Sometimes they’re peeled ahead and sometimes not! When I make them I use some baking soda in the water and it makes the eggs super easy to peel!

  • Ann

    I know what you mean about the dark chocolate/acai berries; but I’m even more in love with the chocolate/pomegranet ones. Hard boiled eggs is a good one too, I never thought of that!
    I’m stopping by from the SITS Saturday Sharefest.

  • Leslie

    I love those chocolates from Brookside, ahhhhmazing! I’d never think to bring hard boiled eggs, great idea! I love that you get directions to cupcake shops. I can’t wait to do a little traveling this summer, mostly on weekends though. I’m stopping by from SITS & I hope your enjoying your weekend!

  • Emmy

    Great list! There have been way too many trips that I have forgotten a garbage bag and always kick myself, it really is so nice to have one. I love hard boiled eggs but have never taken them on a trip, think I will have to change that.

  • Linda Malcolm

    Love that you carry an atlas with you! I much prefer paper over GPS. Electronics take some of the romance out of travel — and add anger when the signal is week at the exact moment you really need directions!

  • Natalie Patalie

    Love it! You had me laughing when I read “hard boiled eggs.” I also love hard boiled eggs, but I’ve probably read hundreds of “road trip this or that” articles and I’ve never seen someone say hard boiled eggs, hahah! With my family it’s a tradition to bring tuna sandwiches on road trips. We use hard boiled eggs in our recipe, so sometimes the car smells funny, but meh.


      My sister reminds me often that she has never read another blog that refers to hard boiled eggs as often as I do! They are seriously my go to snack!

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