Run Streak

First of all, if you are a blogger, make sure sure you check out the Blog Staycation I’m co-hosting later this month…it’s going to be amazing!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and for me, birthdays are more about fresh starts than even New Years!  For me, my birthday represents a chance to look ahead to the new year and start fresh.  So this year I decided I wanted to try and so how many consecutive days I could go for a run…my very own RunStreak.  The beauty of going on this running streak is that I can set the “rules” and so I’m keeping them pretty simple…

-A run counts for the day if I run at least a mile (some days I do more but on days when I do Body Pump I don’t run much more than 1-2 miles)

Yup, those are all of my rules!  So far I’m at four days…and here is to many more!  And if you want to encourage me along the way, I sure would appreciate it because I’m sure days will come when I just don’t feel like running!

BangBands are the perfect headband for all of your workouts

And now I have the perfect accessory for all of my runs!  Here’s the thing I love about this BangBandsByLinny headband…it’s incredibly functional (a necessity if you’re heading out for a run or to hit the gym!) but it’s also super cute!  Another bonus is that this headband doesn’t slip around when you’re working out so I don’t have to expend all of my workout energy on trying to keep the headband on my head…it just stays there!  And it’s reversible so I can wear it two different ways!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a headband to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I know not everyone is a runner, but is there anything else in your life you want to try and do in a streak?  Maybe give up sweets, take a walk, spend 15 minutes reading, or so many other options!


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