Save Your Fork

You all know that my love of cupcakes started here, but Save Your Fork is probably my favorite.  We recently celebrated a friend’s birthday and so Anna made Chocolate Chip cupcakes for dessert.  And here’s the thing about her cupcakes, and cakes, they don’t just look good, they taste amazing!

Not only did I get to enjoy some of Save Your Fork‘s cupcakes but I got to help make the cake she was currently decorating!  And I do use the word helping loosely 😉 And that is probably why these are my favorite cupcakes, because I don’t just get to enjoy them, I get to see the magic that goes into making cupcakes and cakes taste and look so fantastic!

Right now Anna is working on opening a bakery in Philadelphia and you can count on the fact that I will be first in line when the big day comes!

Yup, that’s me embossing the cake with question marks!

And here is the final product…a gender reveal cake!

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