Spring Bootie Buster Challenge: Kick-Off!

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I am so excited to be kicking off the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge today!  Remember when I told y’all that I stopped dreaming big because I was frustrated that my life didn’t look like I thought it was supposed to look?   Along with that came less of a desire to push myself to try new

But just like I am back to dreaming big (I have some exciting things to share in the next few weeks!), I am back to pushing myself to try new and bigger things with my health.  And this challenge was just the push I needed to set some new fitness goals!  Because let’s be honest…when I’m running, that’s when this Girl on the Move is truly on the move and in my happy place!

SBBC Fitness Goals | Girl on the Move Blog

Now that my goals are out there for everyone to see, I guess I’m going to need to stick with them!!!  So feel free to check in with me on social media or in real life to see how I’m doing on those goals!

p.s. what do y’all think of the new colors on the blog?!?


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